Dancing with the Stars Platte County Style

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Congratulations to our Season 3 Dancers!

Amy Windmier, Matt Hazen, Connie Thomas, Bob Ruwart, Makayla Condie, Tel Parmely, Linda Finnerty, Craig Frederick, Eric Marlatt, Liesl Sisson, Andrea McNutt, Travis Lockman

Dancing with the Stars Platte County Style is an annual community event sponsored by the Kiwanis Club in order to raise scholarship funds for local youth. The event is the brain child of Joe and Linda Fabian, and has grown to be a much anticipated and signature event for the area.

Thoughts from some of our dancers....
~The experience for me was empowering and freeing...I had the opportunity to give back to a community that has so generously given to me and it was freeing because it was a celebration of being cancer free! ~Amy Windmeier Season 3

~ It was a great experience. Met knew people, and always loved dancing, and a great fund raiser for community. And past dancers should get to do it again!!!! ~ Rick Keck Season 1

~The experience challenged me to get out of my box. This was something I couldn't imagine myself doing, but I did it and I loved it! The community is so supportive and I made some really great new friends that I probably wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise. ~ Cindy Geortz Season 2

~I absolutely loved every minute of the experience! Seeing the routine evolve into a performance was a thrill! To get me from "jumping around" to actually dancing was a testament to the patience Joe and Linda have! The close friendships formed were a blessing. I would do it again in a heartbeat! The hard work and hours of dedication were worth it as many scholarships are awarded each year with all of the money raised. ~Jennifer Nevins Season 2

~What a wonderful experience! I never thought that we would remember the dance and what a feeling when I knew we nailed it! I loved getting to know each person. The whole experience was so rewarding! This is such a wonderful way to make money for scholarships for our youth! I would do it again! What a special gift to learn to dance with Joe and Linda. Count me in for an alumni season. ~ Connie Thomas Season 3

DWTS has proven to be a superior fund raiser every year, Season 3 dancers raised thousands of dollars in scholarhip funds for local youth! If you'd like to participate in next season, contact Linda at linda@dancewyoming.com